Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You Need to Learn to Pull Your Punches

"You Need to Learn to Pull Your Punches" from H-E-R-O #2 (DC, 2003) by Will Pfeifer and Kano
The series that is the closest precursor to the current Dial H series, not just chronologically, but tonally. Instead of a stable protagonist, short arcs looked at what different people would do with the power to turn into a variety of superheroes. Impress your co-workers, change your life (or your gender!), become somebody, or effectively no one. Pfeifer told all kinds of stories, but anthologies benefiting from the popularity they usually do (i.e. very little), he only had 22 issues to do so. Robby Reed does figure as a character caught up in a series-long arc, but I guess he doesn't have the cred he had in the 60s. Still, something for fans of the current Dial H book to check out. It'll probably be more to their taste than the naive stories written for Robby, Chris and Vicki. But am I right in thinking only the first 6 issues were collected? Come on DC, give Dial H a little boost.


  1. Yes, only the first 6. While I'd love the entire series collected, I'd be happy with the final Robby Read arc.

  2. Of course, the current Dial H isn't exactly popular even if it's one of my favorites, so I'm not holding my breath.