Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Honor Guard's Alternate Colors

"The Honor Guard's Alternate Colors" from Green Lantern Corps vol.2 #59 (DC, 2011) by Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkman and Batt
Just like Johns' Green Lantern, I started reading GLC during the Sinestro Corps War and mostly enjoyed its use of Earth's other three Lanterns, so long as it didn't mean the more alien guys couldn't share the spotlight once in a while. I liked reading Guy Gardner again, and found Kyle a more palatable, more well-rounded character than the last time I'd read him. As for John, my favorite Lantern, I feel he lost something when the comics adopted the military background of the cartoon John Stewart. Give me the architect over the marine any day. Still, he made a great leader whatever his background. Above, the cross-color craziness of the War of the Lanterns, with each of our Lanterns wearing an off-Corps ring.


  1. I love John, but I have to say that is a ridiculous outfit. Also, since it turned out that the Indigos were all former criminals, giving an Indigo ring to a hero just didn't seem to work out so well. Just ask Mogo!

    Guy naturally, looks the best.

  2. Guy is definitely the most in tune with his new ring.