Monday, March 18, 2013

Hawk (But Not That Hawk) vs. Deadshot

"Hawk (But Not That Hawk) vs. Deadshot" from Hawk and Dove vol.4 #4 (DC, 1998) by Mike Baron, Dean Zachary and Dick Giordano
Does anyone remember the OTHER Hawk & Dove? A USAF officer and a grunge rocker grow wings, sonic screams and a sort of symbiotic relationship... it failed to excite. Any mini-series that spends half its time bringing in guest-stars (Vigilante, the Suicide Squad, Vixen) tells me its core concept wasn't strong enough to warrant that mini-series, especially if it's meant to introduce new characters. I'm surprised they were even featured again, but the Internet lists a few cameos and brief appearances in books I never read.


  1. I do NOT remember that other Hawk! But it is always nice to see Deadshot.

  2. Wait, they brought in Vigilante, the Suicide Squad, AND Vixen, yet somehow this book didn't take off? There goes another monocle.