Thursday, March 7, 2013

Map of the Mosaic

"Map of the Mosaic" from Green Lantern: Mosaic #10 (DC, 1993) by Gerard Jones, Cully Hamner, Dan Panosian and John Floyd
My very favorite Green Lantern book of all time, GL Mosaic had two things I dearly love going for it. First, it starred my favorite Lantern, John Stewart. Second, it was incredibly weird. Cultures abducted and brought to Oa in earlier issues of Green Lantern vol.3 were allowed to continue to co-habitate under the supervision of Stewart, one of the Guardians' experiments, and just as experimental for Jones. He created 40 such cultures (well ok, suburban America wasn't his creation per se) and used the series to tell social parables. It was a mainstream superhero writer trying to do something in the same mode as the same era's British invaders like Morrison and Milligan. I suspect I would think it less successful than I remember if I were to read it again today, but I AM tempted.


  1. It reminds me a LOT of maps of Oz, complete with "impassable desert".

  2. Well... those ARE tornadoes!

  3. Mosaic was both strange and bizarre...and I loved it. In fact I don't think that John has been as well written since.