Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nothing Like Gambit, We Swear

"Nothing Like Gambit, We Swear" from Gunfire #6 (DC, 1994) by Len Wein, Ed Benes, Brian Garvey and Rus Sever
How little do we care about Gunfire? He was a hero created by the insipid Bloodlines event, where various people got powers when ugly aliens sucked the marrow out of their spines. Worse, his premiere comic was in a Deathstroke Annual. Even worse, his power to agitate molecules so he could make anything fire bullets was a ridiculous effort to create a DC version of Gambit, or maybe the Punisher. Either way, derivative and boring. And worst of all, Ed Benes drew 9 of the 14 issues. Very, very 90s, and completely forgettable. Looks like Hitman is the only Bloodlines creation worth the paper he's printed on.