Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pit of Katanas

"Pit of Katanas" from Hawk and Dove vol.5 #8 (DC, 2012) by Rob Liefeld
And our look at Hawk & Dove ends (just before we head into more famous "Hawk" characters...) with comics' enfant terrible himself, Rob Liefeld. My search found this piece which is actually PRETTY GOOD for Liefeld, whose art I usually hate with a passion. I guess samurai swords bring out the best in him. I was sad to see Sterling Gates, whom I'd liked on Supergirl, get this assignment (if briefly). I'm a writer-first kind of reader, but there are artists who are deal breakers for me. Oddly, I don't feel all that badly when I skip a book with art I like when I dislike the writer. But the reverse does bug me. A good example would be my skipping the current Iron Man book because I can't stomach Greg Land's art, even though I'm a big Kieron Gillen fan.

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