Sunday, March 24, 2013

Old vs. New

"Old vs. New" from Hawkman vol.3 #12 (DC, 1994) by William Messner-Loebs, Steve Lieber, Luke McDonnell and Curt A. Shoultz
Hawkworld gave way to a third Hawkman series, and we lost what I thought was a great version of Hawkwoman in the process. It's perhaps appropriate that today's splash has Katar Hol fighting Carter Hall, the Golden Age Hawkman, because these two would soon be merged into a single character (along with Hawkgirl and a hawk god) by the Zero Hour event (occurring early in this book's second year). The character was already going in strange directions, revealing Katar was half-human, born of a Cherokee mother, but by issue 14, he'd become a hawk avatar, a reincarnation that somehow ran concurrently with the previous. Anyway, the big Hawkmess really begins here, folks, and I lost touch with the character.

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